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Trials Results – 2017/18 – LTPD Squads Announced!

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Trials Results – 2017/18

Thank you once again to all the players for attending the trials over the past few weeks. The standard of the trials was very good which has made selection EXTREMELY hard. As we said on the evening, it is an honour alone to be selected for these trials by your schools, so well done already.

The following players are invited to be part of the LTPD programme for the coming season.

MBFDC Squads – 2017/18

Goal Keepers
Finley Nippard (Marazion)
Fred Kirkland (Connor Downs)
Arthur Frost (Alverton)
Riley King (Mounts Bay Academy)
Jamie Belcher (Helston)
Cayden Harvey (Humphry Davy)
Ezra Boulton (Home Ed)
Owen Sutton (Mounts Bay Academy)
Harvey Richings (Mounts Bay Academy)
Mark Sands (Cape)
Naite Wal (Humphry Davy)
Barney Tarrant (Mounts Bay Academy)

Levan Hunt (Ludgvan)
Rhys Davis (Penpol)
Lewis Owers (Heamoor)
Callum Buckland (Heamoor)
Charlie Taylor (St Hilary)
Dylan Paulet (Porthleven)
Noah Morton (St Hilary)
Jesse Hall (Bodriggy)
Felix Paterson (Porthleven)
Bobby Steadman (Heamoor)
Lennon Jeffrey
Archie Strike (Parc Eglos)
Jack Varah
Lanta Vitulli (St Uny)

Liam Tanser (Alverton)
Aaron Humphreys (Heamoor)
Tyler Leigh (Ludgvan)
Jack Stevens (Ludgvan)
Fin Prowse (Ludgvan)
Noah Paulet (Porthleven)
Tom Wheatly (St Just)
Vinnie Wilkins (St Just)
Gabriel Clarke (St Just)
Oscar Stephens (St Hilary)
Dexter Kirkman (Alverton)
Reggie Paterson (Porthleven)

Kaden Hunt (Ludgvan)
Charlie Palmer (St Uny)
George Young (Sennen)
Oliver Hamshar (St Hilary)
Mason Blackhall (Alverton)
Oliver Ballard (St Hilary)
Beau Turner (Penpol)
Deans Jenkins (Pensans)
Reegan Burridge (Pensans)
Oliver Rescorla (Gulval)

Finley Ayling (Penpol)
Rhys Hall (Alverton)
Sid Wilson (Alverton)
Finn Harry (St Buryan)
Adam Lewis (Pensans)
Michael Dyson (Pensans)
Charlie Reynolds (Alverton)
Harvey Wilson (Heamoor)
Tom Sibley (Alverton)
Henry Hicks (Mousehole)
Cody Hall (Bodriggy)
Spencer Richings (Marazion)
Sennen Craig (Ludgvan)
James Hoyes (Alverton)
Ewa Trevains (Heamoor)

Theo Dowker (Mounts Bay Academy)
Oliver Johnson-Sharps (Mounts Bay Academy)
Pablo Volant(Mounts Bay Academy)
Lewis Hitchens (Humphry Davy)
Jake Turner (Mounts Bay Academy)
Scott Coutts (Falmouth)
Caiden Cook (Humphry Davy)
Finch Ward (Mounts Bay Academy)
Mari Ward (Mounts Bay Academy)
Corey Angwin (Mounts Bay Academy)
Joby Roberts (Humphry Davy)
Louis Dawson (Mounts Bay Academy)
Isaac Fraser (Mounts Bay Academy)

Tyler Dayus (Mounts Bay Academy)
Kaiyan Wilson (Mounts Bay Academy)
Tom Prowse (Mounts Bay Academy)
Lucas Piff (Mounts Bay Academy)
Kylo Mayes (Mounts Bay Academy)
JJ Tomlinson (Mounts Bay Academy)
Jago Hills (Mounts Bay Academy)
Leo Frost (Mounts Bay Academy)
Oscar Toms (Cape)
Finley Newing (Mounts Bay Academy)
Kempa Marks (Mounts Bay Academy)
Enzo Favata (Mounts Bay Academy)

Joe Williams (Penryn College)
Eric Broome (Helston)
Evan Hubbard (Helston)
Dan Parker (Helston)
Archie Ward (Humphry Davy)
Danny Cartwright (Humphry Davy)
Aston Siney (Mounts Bay Academy)
Thomas Hosking (Mounts Bay Academy)
Sam Payne (Humphry Davy)
Jack Eicher (St Ives)

Jarvis Pawley (Mounts Bay Academy)
Harry Reed (Mounts Bay Academy)
Thomas Hands (Mounts Bay Academy)
Pasha Wilson (Mounts Bay Academy)
Tyler Jackson Roberts (Mounts Bay Academy)
Noah Brunsdon (Mounts Bay Academy)
Mawgan Kewn (Mounts Bay Academy)
Levan Siney (Mounts Bay Academy)
Ellis Hart (Mounts Bay Academy)

Welcome Meeting Info

The players selected above (and parents) are invited to attend the Welcome Meeting which will begin at 5.30pm on Monday 2nd October 2017, the meeting will last approx 1 hour and will take place in the main school hall at Mounts Bay Academy. Please head to the main reception upon arrival, staff will direct you from their into the main hall. THIS IS A NON TRAINING EVENING so players can attend in any attire. We use this evening to explain the coaching programme and the season ahead.

Nike Kit Order

Selected players please begin to order your development centre kit which will be used for all training sessions and fixtures. The kit order is processed online via our new 2017/18 partners ‘, Nike’s National Provider’. The earlier you order the sooner it will be here. Prices vary on the size ordered and their are many items available. Please note, some items are for goalies and some are for players, all kit includes embroidered logo’s and player initials.

The player package is as follows…

Nike Jacket (black) and or Nike mid-layer (red)
Nike trophy t-shirt (red)
Nike park short (black)
Nike classic socks (red)

The goalie package is as follows…

Nike jacket (black) and or Nike mid-layer (red)
Nike park GK top (orange)
Nike park shorts (black)
Nike classic socks (orange)

Extra items are also available within the range such as…training pants, hats, skins, gloves, shin pads etc. Order your kit here where an online size guide is available to help you order the correct size – MBFDC online kit order

Players not selected

For the players that aren’t selected, we understand that you will be disappointed. It is very, very difficult to pick out a small amount of players from such a large and talented group. All young footballers progress and improve at different speeds and ages, so just because we didn’t pick you this time doesn’t mean you won’t get a chance at a later date.

We always suggest that those players not selected attend our Mini Soccer programme on Saturday mornings where we can track your progress. These sessions also have kit packages available and cater for both boys and girls running between 09:30am – 11.30pm on the 3G Synthetic Pitch at Mounts Bay Academy. We would love to see lots of you at these sessions and continue to follow your improvement, for more information about these sessions please click the following links – Saturday Mini Soccer Centre and Girls’ Wildcats Football

We will be hosting trials again next season for the 2018/19 LTPD season squads. Thanks to everyone once again for all your efforts and support.



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