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COVID-19: Coaches Challenges Video #2

Check out the Week #2 Coaches Challenges Video…

⚽️ Challenge *1: Kev’s ‘Wall Kick Up’ Challenge – to make it easier do it with a bounce, to make it harder do it with no bounce. How many can you do in a row?

⚽️ Challenge *2: Dom’s ‘Throw – Clap – Catch’ Challenge – catch the ball with 1 hand to make it harder, catch with both hands to make it easier. How many claps can you do?

⚽️ Challenge *3: Jacob’s (Trudgy) ‘Turning’ Challenge – how many turns can you do in 30 seconds?

⚽️ Challenge *4: Josh’s ‘Toe Tap’ Challenge – how many can you do in 30 seconds?

⚽️ Challenge *5: Tristan’s ‘Side to Side’ Challenge – how many can you do in 30 seconds?

Prizes – How To Enter…

Everyone is welcome to take part, all players can have a go from any school or club. We have 5 challenges available this week so 5 prizes available, 1 prize winner for each challenge! Do not worry if you can not do any of the challenges, just have a go and try your best! If you do not have the exact equipment, then please feel free to improvise as anything goes so be creative and have some fun! 

Please send us the players videos, you can use facebook or to enter privately use Messenger or email . The entry deadline is 5pm on Friday 8th May 2020, the winners have now been announced on our facebook page and listed below…

Week #2 Challenge Winners Announced!

Thanks to everyone for the videos we have received thus far, congratulations to the Week #2 winning players listed below who have all won a free ‘block’ at our Saturday Morning – Mini Soccer Centre & Soccer Tots Programme (age dependant!), totalling 6 sessions free of charge!

Week #2 Challenge Winners…
⚽️ Kev’s Kick Up Wall Challenge *1 – Winner is Lanta Vitulli
⚽️ Dom’s Throw, Catch, Clap Challenge *2 – Winner is Jed Willis
⚽️ Jacob’s (Trudgy) Turning Challenge *3 – Winner is Mason Ziwange
⚽️ Josh’s Toe Tap Challenge *4 – Winner is Riley Bennetts-Carew
⚽️ Tristan’s Side to Side Challenge*5 – Winner is Jowan May

Check out other Challenge Videos & the Winners! Click the links below…

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There will be more MBFDC Challenge Videos coming your way weekly throughout the COVID-19 situation, where we hope to give the players some football and focus during these strange times!

Kind regards
The MBFDC Team

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